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Adeona is the first Open Source system for tracking the location of your lost or stolen laptop that does not rely on a proprietary, central service

Cypherix LE

Cryptainer LE is a freeware utility from Cypherix. It is a 128 bit disk encryption software that is a "miniature" version of Cryptainer PE and Cryptainer. It creates encrypted containers (vaults) of upto 25 MB each to store any type of data. You can encrypt files and folders by simply dragging and dropping them into this vault. Additionally, it lets you create secure e-mail files that you can send to anyone. Cryptainer LE includes a 'Mobile' feature, which allows it to encrypt all media (including, USB, CD ROM etc). It works on all 32 bit versions of Windows.

Notebook Hardware Control

Notebook Hardware Control helps you to: - control the hardware and system power management - customize the notebook (open source ACPI Control System) - prolong the battery lifetime - cool down the system and reduce power consumption - monitor the hardware to avoid system failure - make your notebook quiet

WiFi SiStr

WiFi SiStr is a very small tool that keeps your Wi-Fi signal strength always visible.
Small display customizable (Skins and colors)Signal strength customizable logs
Statistics and averages display Customizable sounds alerts on low signals download/Import/Export user themes options Downloaded/Exported User themes previewer System tray minimize when not needed Transparency and much more in


WikiTaxi enables you to read, search, and browse Wikipedia offline. No Internet connection is needed, all pages are stored in a WikiTaxi database. Because Wikipedia is constantly growing, WikiTaxi uses compression to make sure that the database stays reasonably small. The huge English Wikipedia easily fits on a 8 GB memory stick. WikiTaxi is simple: It requires no installation. Just extract the WikiTaxi archive to any folder, that's all. WikiTaxi is also portable: It is a single-file application which you just need to double-click to run.


ihound , A tracking software to track USB devices location such as a flash drives, digital cameras, SD memory cards, and MP3 players such as iPods and other devices.ihound is revolutionary software that helps protect your devices by alerting you when your USB digital device is connected to another individual’s computer.The purpose of ihound USB devices tracking services is easy to locate your items and report their theft if they’ve fallen into the wrong hands.


CDBurnerXP is a free application to burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. It also includes the feature to burn and create ISOs, as well as a multilanguage interface. burn all kinds of discs audio-CDs with or without gaps between tracks
burn and create ISO files data verification after burning process
create bootable discs multi-language interface bin/nrg → ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more!

DeepBurner Free Portable

You can easily create and burn regular data CDs/DVDs AudioCD recording functionality is included  Quickly build and burn ISO Images  Supports IDE/EIDE, USB, SCSI, and Fire Wire CD/DVD writers  Overburn function  Support for CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R / DVD+R / DVD-RW / DVD+RW / DVD-RAM  Create Multi-session CDs
Bootable CD/DVD support  Dynamically adjustable drive buffer size  High Performance File/Disc Caching  Supports Long File Name (Joliet) File Systems  Creates ISO (100% DOS/Windows) compatible data CDs/DVDs  Supports multiple simultaneous recorders

DVD Flick

It can take a number of video files stored on your computer and turn them into a DVD that will play back on your DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. You can add additional custom audio tracks, subtitles as well as a menu for easier navigation.
Burn near any video file to DVD Support for over 45 file formats Support for over 60 video codecs Support for over 40 audio codecs Add your own subtitles Easy to use interface Burn your project to disc after encoding

Vista Services Optimizer

Vista Services Optimizer enables you to safely optimize Windows services based on how you use your computer. A standard Vista installation has many services turned on and running that you may not have any use for, consuming CPU and memory that can potentially slow down your system. Vista Services Optimizer analyzes your system and suggest services that can be safely turned off. You can choose to perform an automatic tune-up based on what is suitable for your system, or use a manual tune-up that lets you select from a more detailed list of features that you want to disable. The program does not require any technical knowledge and provides easy to understand checkbox options to tune your system for your personal needs. It also includes a system restore feature that allows you to restore Windows service settings to their defaults at any time.

AMD Fusion For Gaming

Designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of a button, the AMD Fusion for Gaming utility helps achieve the performance edge previously only available to highly technical enthusiasts. It works by temporarily shutting down background processes and intensifying processor performance with AMD Boost. That means you can keep all the features of Microsoft® Windows Vista® ready for when you need them, but turn them off when you are ready to get down to serious business – gaming.1

Photobie Design Studio

Photobie has two siblings: Photobie and Photobie Design Studio (Photobie DS). Both of them are free for personal use. Photobie is built upon .NET framework 2 (versions prior to Photobie 5 are build upnon .NET framework 1.1) , which supports Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Window XP. Due to .NET3 and Vista becoming popular, we want to leverage more development tools to enhance Photobie. Thus Photobie Design Studio is up. Photobie DS is free for personal use. For commercial use, the user will have to register with us. Photobie DS will also contain many advanced features for a professional designer to design eye catching Design Templates for ordinary Photobie users to share. Photobie DS requires Windows Vista or Windows XP with .NET framework 3.

power sound editor free 

Power Sound Editor Free is a visual audio editing and recording software solution, which supports many advanced and powerful operations with audio data. You can use Power Sound Editor Free to record your own music, voice, or other audio files, edit it, mix it with other audio or musical parts, add effects like Reverb, Chorus, and Echo, and burn it on a CD, post it on the World Wide Web or e-mail it. Power Sound Editor Free helps you record new audio file from a microphone, sound card or other input devices (you can record audio from DVD / VCD / CD Player, MP3 Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Web Page, Internet Conversation, Internet News, Internet Radio Station and more) This Free Sound Editor allows you to visually edit an audio file (Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File) and apply different effects (Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Reverse, MultiTapDelay, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato, Echo, Chorus)Advanced Audio CD rip/burner features support the ability to rip audio CDs to MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG files or burn audio CDs from MP3, WMA, WAV, and OGG files.Power Sound Editor Free supports a wide range of audio formats, such as MPEG (MP3, MP2), WAV, Windows Media Audio, Ogg Vorbis, Audio Tracks and Dialogic VOX.


Online and offline media player,links to facebooks profiles,import itunes and media player playlist

Guitar Instructor

Guitar Instructor is an excellent Application for any guitar player. At the moment this program includes such things as Chord Diagrams, Chord Progressions, Scale Patterns, a note-based Tuner, and a simple Metronome.


DVDSubEdit allows you to visualize and make modifications to the subpics (subtitles or button highlights in menus) directly inside the VOB files, without the need to demux and remux the subpic stream.

USB Flash Drive Tester

Flash card/drive tester allows testing of any removable media including SD, MMC, CF, USB flash pen drives for bad or unstable sectors. Especially useful for testing for fake sizes often seen on low quality USB pen drives.


AM-DeadLink detects dead links and duplicates in browser bookmarks and text files. If a bookmark has become unavailable you can verify and delete it permanently. Additionally you can download FavIcons for all your Favorites and Bookmarks. Internet Explorer Favorites Firefox bookmarks Opera bookmarks

Smart who is

Lets say you're chatting with someone on IRC or you got an email from someone anonymous and you want to know the location of that person then all you have to do is get his IP, paste it in to Smart WhoIs prompt and press Enter. It will then give you all the information of the ISP which owns that IP which certainly gives you the location. You can also use this tool for tracking Web sites. Just type the Web site address omitting the www part and it will tell you the Web site where it was registered the time of registration, the time of expiration, location and contact information of the registrar.

2hotspot is a service that enables the creation of wireless hotspots.
2 hotspot software supports all wireless routers and access points.


AirSnare is another tool to add to your Wireless Intrusion Detection Toolbox.  AirSnare will alert you to unfriendly MAC addresses on your network and will also alert you to DHCP requests taking place.  If AirSnare detects an unfriendly MAC address you have the option of tracking the MAC address's access to IP addresses and ports or by launching Ethereal upon a detection.

Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP Scanner (or simply ipscan) is an open-source and cross-platform network scanner designed to be fast and simple to use. It scans IP addresses and ports as well as has many other features. It is widely used by network administrators and just curious users around the world, including large and small enterprises, banks, and government agencies. It runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, possibly supporting other platforms as well.

ClamWin Portable

ClamWin Portable is the popular ClamWin antivirus packaged as a portable app, so you can take your antivirus with you to scan files on the go. You can place it on your USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or a CD and use it on any computer, without leaving any personal information behind.


Ki-Washer is an Internet and PC cleaning freeware utility developed by Kalavath Infotech. Developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, Ki-Washer erases all traces of your internet browsing and PC activitiy to improve system performance and security. Ki-Washer displays a list of cookies that exist on your computer and you can exclude specified ones from being erased by adding them to the 'Exclude' list.

USB Write Protector

USB Write Protector is a tiny portable software that shields your USB drive from pesky viruses and trojans by disabling the write functionality. This could be pretty useful when you want to only read data from the USB drive on public computers.

GeoSetter for Windows

GeoSetter is a freeware tool for Windows for showing and changing geo data of image files (e.g. images taken by digital cameras). Reads and writes the formats JPEG and TIFF as well as camera RAW formats DNG (Adobe), CRW and CR2 (Canon), NEF (Nikon), MRW (Konica Minolta), PEF (Pentax), ORF (Olympus), ARW, SR2, SRF (Sony) and RAF (Fujifilm)Uses ExifTool from Phil Harvey for writing data Shows existing geo coordinates and tracks on embedded Google Maps map (requires internet connection)
Setting geo data by using embedded Google Maps map (requires internet connection) or by entering known values for coordinates and altitude directly Automatic filling of location IPTC fields and altitude values (requires internet connection)


DVD neXt COPY iTurns FREE is a revolutionary new, easy to use, iTunes conversion software. It is the neXt generation of audio conversion software that will turn all of the music in your iTunes library into MP3, WMAso that you can burn them to CD or load them onto any mp3 audio device. can not burn to CD and limited conversion formats

Jing screen

Snap a picture of your screen.Record video of onscreen action.Share instantly over the web, IM, email.

MP3 Renaming

free program to rename using ID3 tags in mp3


ViddyMP3 is primarily an audio book reader but is suitable as an MP3 player and audio-stream player for video files. All files are bookmarkable, and bookmarks may be auto-created by an import process.


rakAx empowers you to create professional music and video mixes in an easy-to-use and fun environment. Whether you are creating a music track for your MySpace page or a video for YouTube, TrakAxPC is the most powerful FREE application on the web.

Kiss the Bride Wedding Planner

Kiss the Bride Wedding Planner allows you to easily add and track wedding guests. Wedding Planner allows you to easily allocate table/seating arrangements and print seating lists. Wedding Planner allows you to print envelope labels for your invitations and table name tags.,239030384,10690176s,00.htm

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